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    Hi, I’m Mary

    I’m a former physiotherapist, and worked for the NHS in the UK. I headed up the physio depts. in Portsmouth and, laterally, across a huge primary care service in the north of Scotland, for 30years, before retiring to Goa, India, where I live today.

    I’ve always loved animals.

    Always felt comfortable, and comforted, in their presence

    There was a time I considered becoming a vet but I was afraid that I would  become too full of pity and emotionally involved in each animal that I would be not fit to practice.

    In fact the opposite is true, as I have discovered during the past 8 years since I began working with animals in earnest.

    Once I settled in India I realised that so many animals were struggling to survive.

    An NGO  was recommended to me: Welfare for Animals in Goa (WAG) and thus I began my volunteering journey, which brings me to where I am today.

    It was quickly confirmed that being and working with animals really is my happy place, and it did not take long before I became more curious……………

    I was interested in different ways to support the healing process (without doing a vet degree at this stage in my life) and to facilitate a better quality of life for rescued / abandoned / abused animals.

    I was extremely fortunate to meet Shelly Manser – animal healer of many years experience – who came to visit WAG.

    We were able to work together during her few weeks visit and she inspired me to explore animal healing techniques with a view to learning and developing my skills.

    Simultaneously,  Sonia Smart who runs CatSanctuary Goa organised a workshop on Telepathic Communication.

    Although slightly sceptical at first (not about telepathic communication but about my ability to do it), I attended the workshop,  thoroughly enjoyed it , learned so much about myself during the 2 days and have been able to understand some of the dynamics within my  own pet family, hear what my own pets are telling me and address some behaviours.  (Please see Mogra’s story below as illustration.)

    I continue to grow and be humbled with every animal communication I do,  and have also qualified as a Whole Energy Body Balance (WEBB) animal therapist.

    The impact on me as a person has been dramatic. My level and depth of understanding of animal behaviour has increased in such a short period. More significantly to get to know how sentient animals are and how much their lives and behaviours are affected by their relationships with humans is something which constantly amazes me.

    But my inner physiotherapist remained curious about human movement.  Especially since practicing WEBB with animals i am fascinated to see the effects of using similar techniques on different species so have added WEBB for Humans practitioner to allow me to explore bringing relief to my human clients.

    Currently I volunteer with WAG, Stray Assist, CatSanctuary Goa and also independently – mainly fostering sick and injured cats.  The work is varied.  A lot of it is focussed on sterilisation programmes which by default includes educating general public as to the benefits of neutering animals.  There are also plenty of opportunities to practice my therapeutic skills since many shelter animals are traumatised physically and emotionally.

    I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with yourself and/or your animals, as I believe this work benefits us all, whatever species we may be.


    Energy Therapist


    “My mission is to help pet owners and caretakers to understand their animals, so interactions become effortless and the relationship become stronger.”

    Are you concerned about the emotional or physical wellbeing of your pet?

    Are they nervous, jumpy? Or perhaps being treated by your vet for a health condition?

    Is your pet reaching the end of his life in its current form?

    I offer a healing and communication service to help you better understand what’s gong on for them.

    Services offered

    Whole Energy Body Balance (WEBB) Therapy (is primarily aimed at improving the quality of movement in your animal)

    Using WEBB (Whole Energy Body Balance) techniques I assess and identify pain, stress, anxiety in animals. Then select a range of hands-on techniques to facilitate  healthy balance in the animal- reduce the anxiety/ stress.

    I can teach pet owners simple techniques to promote calmness in their animals particularly for animals which are anxious and scared (for example spooked by loud noises or fireworks)

    Animal Communication

    Animal communication can be used for any situation. Whether you want to understand why your cat only eats dry food right through to asking your pet to explain their point of view on certain behaviours (often described as undesirable by pet parents) such as urinating on the bed or chewing up various possessions. See Mogra’s story below as illustration.

    Communicating telepathically with your pet, I am able to pass on their messages and suggestions. Please note that communication does not by definition lead to change in behaviour but gives insight to help you adjust.

    I can guide you in making the necessary adjustments to their food, environment etc., which will support their recovery and form closer bonds with yourself and your household.

    Energy Therapy

    Energy therapy works through the animal’s own energy field, enabling healing to begin from within.

    It’s non invasive, completely harmless and works in conjunction with all conventional and complimentary medicines.

    Energy therapies are a wonderful adjunct to conventional medicine. 

    They can help clear anxiety or stress held by the animal and so helps the animal to heal himself. These therapies facilitate the effects of allopathic treatment. 


    End of Life

    I have a special interest in palliative care and have worked with so many animals (and their carers/guardians) to facilitate their transition from  their current form into their next phase.

    Energy therapies are extremely powerful at the end of life, as they can help an animal release all that is not required to facilitate his transition out of the body.

    I  work either directly with your pet, or from a distance, and use a variety of modalities, such as Reiki and crystals. These work by channelling healing through the Universal energy field.

    Please note: It is NOT a cure nor a substitute for any veterinary treatment being administered, rather an addition to provide further support for your pet’s recovery.


    Energy Therapist


    “My mission with humans is to help them to become the best possible versions of themselves.”

    Do you easily get stressed out and want to find a sustainable way to manage your stress?

    Do you suffer from constant/chronic pain despite the use of many remedies?

    Do you seek many different modes of therapy and not found the right one for you?

    Humans are very similar to animals. Anatomy. Physiology. Just as we find hidden pain and anxiety in animals we also find similar in humans. The main difference is that usually, humans attribute their pain etc. to physical body problems. Whereas the emotional part of our functioning can play a very dramatic and intense contributing part to our physical pain.

    My aim while working with humans is to improve the quality of movement in the body by using both physical mobilisation techniques and also by working with the subtle anatomy of the body – through the energy centres such as chakras, and energy fields- to identify and help to remove blocks and other disturbances in the energy field

    WEBB bodywork works by manipulating the neurofacial network in the body. This is the soft tissue which surrounds all muscles, nerves, blood vessels, joint capsules and so on. It is a neglected (mostly) part of the body but one which holds on to the after effects of so much insult, injury and trauma inflicted on the body.
    The effect of the WEBB work is to reduce the activity of the sympathetic nervous system (the fight or flight system) and increase the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system (the rest and digest).
    There is also an energetic component to the WEBB work. This means that as a practitioner, i can tune in to your subtle energy anatomy. Using some laws of physics combined with practicing innate, inherent skills By perceiving changes, blockages or altered flow within the energy of the body, I can assist in bringing positive change to your whole system.
    This aspect of the practice is optional, however the benefits of participation are usually the most far reaching and beneficial to your holistic well being.

    Contact Me

    Mary Morrison: Certified Whole Energy Body Balance (WEBB) practitioner for humans and animals,

    Interspecies Communicator

    Crystal Reiki Master and Energy Healing Practitioner

    Please contact me as noted below if you wish to discuss further or you would like to book an

    +447768476186 (message only)


      Mogra is a very beautiful, graceful, elegant gorgeous black cat. She came to me as a teeny tiny scrawny kitten. Honestly i was worried that she may not survive to adulthood.

      She did and she became very much mummy’s girl.

      When she was about 2-3 years old i began to be a lot more active in my work with animals.

      Mogra was displaying what I perceived to be very difficult behaviour when I brought kitties home for recuperation (after being caught and neutered or to foster.)

      I thought she was hunting them down with a view to getting rid of them, or even to kill them. However when i asked her through communication she only wanted to help me.

      Also through her behaviour: peeing inappropriately, scratching my keyboard, tearing up books etc, She was trying to warn me against allowing strange people to come into my home.

      I thought I had an open door policy.

      People would all randomly come and confide and dump their problems. I realised that although I am a good counsellor, I needed to protect myself.

      Now we have an agreement about who comes and goes.

      I have to tell her if strangers are coming and what their purpose is.

      She has never peed or scratched inappropriately since.

      What my clients say

      Mary has communicated with all of our dogs and the results have really helped us resolve tricky and emotional situations within the family. It means so much to finally fully understand their wishes and why they are behaving in certain ways. An eye opener not only about their behaviour but also about ours as pet parents.

      Mary is a true professional with a heart of gold

      Karen Peace

      It’s difficult to put into words the impact that Mary has had on both my life and those of my fur babies.

      I found Mary through my first ever fur baby and she assisted with getting him to me in the UK all the way from Goa.

      Although this was a stressful time, and a huge transition for my little boy, Mary frequently connected with him to see how he was adjusting to his new life in a foreign country.

      Although I didn’t doubt the soul connection I had with my boy, through Mary, I was able to deepen and thoroughly understand it which improved our lives for the better.

      When I lost my boy to an accident, Mary acted as a bridge between the realms, and was able to reassure me of the safe crossing of my little angel into fur heaven.

      Mary helped me to understand and heal through the traumatic loss by passing on messages that my boy had for me. Although I wasn’t shocked, because Mary has always been very accurate, I was mesmerised and slightly overwhelmed by the messages he had asked her to pass to me. These were things that had been holding me back, things I truly needed to hear in order to heal and release my fears, for which I will forever be grateful!

      Not only did this help me through my grief, but I was able to adopt a new profound view of the world and life, and could confidently move on with her support as well as the support from my little boy in spirit.

      I will always recommend Mary, whether it’s a quick check in to see what’s troubling your pets, or a thorough healing session. She is blessed with invaluable gifts and if you want to trust anyone with your pets, it’s Mary🤍🤍🤍

      Jinal varia

      I met mary at stray assist. Her beautiful smile and calm aura is contagious. I have seen her sitting hours with paralysed and traumatised animals and making them better . She have that ability to make both animal and people feel better . She is also very knowledgeable so I have 100 percent trust and faith in anything she is doing .


      Mary has been a life saver for me as a pet parent. Her communications with 2 of my dogs, Luna and Brownie, and my cat Kasey, really helped me understand better their needs and feelings. I was surprised to learn so much from them! And ultimately it resulted in better home dynamics and less stress for all 😊😻😊 Mary also performed an energy cleans
      ritual in my house which was wonderful – I could immediately feel a sense of lightness amongst all family members (all pets and me). Mary has a gentle and calming presence and
      carries an aura of loving energy. I would highly recommend her for all animal healing and

      Juhi Prasad

      I was a co-volunteer at the animal shelter with Mary, and often saw for myself the fabulous results the animals demonstrated after going through healing and communication sessions with her. 

      When my own pet cat Bholu displayed signs of unusual behaviour (eating poorly for several weeks), I was anxious. His reports were fine and the vet said there was apparently nothing wrong with him. I then asked Mary to communicate with Bholu and find out why he was doing that, and how I could help. 

      After she spoke to him and told me what exactly it was that was bothering him, I breathed a sigh of relief, for it was something very trivial to me, but apparently extremely important to my pet. Once we addressed it, he regained his appetite and all was well. 

      It’s amazing the kind of things animals can pick up, and we cannot even begin to know or understand. If only we could see things from their perspective… 

      Happy to have received insights from this empathetic and highly sensitive animal communicator and healer. 

      Sunita Kripalani

      What a talent Mary has. Mary gave  us a dog reading across the miles & countries as we had inherited a beautiful 10yr old male lab after a sudden family bereavement. We already have a 3 yr old male lab. As a family we were in shock and so many emotions involved and which was true of the dogs too.

      Poor old dog was pacing and showing signs of stress. Mary did not know me and had NO knowledge of this. Her details were astounding and the clarity of the dog’s previous life and his situation were spot on and even my husband – who was very sceptical- found the reading a great support and comfort. Mary told us our dog was asking for his digestive biscuits & precisely McVitees which was a daily treat from his former owner- this in itself was so accurate and made us feel very nostalgic and warm. I cannot detail all Mary shared but I cannot recommend her talent highly enough. She is a true star.


      my lovely Pom Pom who’s reached the phenomenal age of 20 which is remarkable for an Indian stray has often chatted to Mary…on one occasion she wanted some different fish…she’s still on the go and her conversations with Mary have resonated deeply with me and I would not hesitate to recommend this exceptional gifted lady to anyone wanting to communicate with their beloved pet past and present.. x

      Maggie Richardson

      Client felt amazing..

      Really relaxed and rejuvenated too. And still does.. Speak to you soon Mary🤗❤️